Sun City Cycling Club
South Loop Cuesheet
South Loop: 9.9 miles staying south of Grand Avenue. Marked with Yellow Dan Henrys. Starts at the Sun City Oakmont Recreation Center parking lot and goes west on Oakmont Drive. This route features several interesting attractions: The Sun City Museum is on the left at 0.1 miles, an interesting place to visit. Later you will go by the Playground of Childhood Memories, followed shortly by the Rattlesnake and Horse statue. Later you will see the Rope Them Cowboy statue and the Hitching Post statue. Just before the finish you will pass the New York West Pastry and Bake Shop, voted best in the Valley. Time for a well deserved sweet.
Sun City Cycling - South Route Yellow Dan Henrys Cue (instructions) sheet. Route starts at Sun City Oakmont Recreation Center.
0.0 Turn Left onto W Oakmont Dr. 6.5 Turn Left onto N Coggins Dr
0.1 Sun City Museum Sun City Museum 6.9 TurnLeft onto Sun City Blvd.
0.5 Turn Left onto N Augusta Dr. 7.2 Turn Left onto N 103rd Ave
0.6 Turn Right onto N Pebble Beach Dr. 7.3 Turn Right onto W Snead Dr
1.0 Turn Right onto W Alabama Ave 7.6 Turn Right onto N 105th Ave
1.1 Turn Left onto W Cherry Hills Drive West 7.6 Rope Them Cowboy Large horse statue of cowboy trying to rope you as you ride by.
1.4 Turn Right onto W Florida Ave 8.1 The Old Hitching Post Large horse statue tied to the hitching post. Likely will be decorated for the holiday.
1.5 Turn Left onto W Connecticut Ave 8.3 Turn Right onto W Alabama Ave
1.6 Turn Right onto N 109th Ave 8.7 Turn Left onto N 101st Ave
2.3 Turn Right onto W Peoria Ave 9.0 Turn Left onto W Grand Ave
2.5 Turn Left onto N 111th Ave 9.0 New York West Bakery New York West Pastry and Bake Shop, voted best bakery in the valley several times.
2.6 Turn Right onto W Kolina Ln 9.1 Turn Left onto N 102nd Ave
2.8 Playground of Childhood Memories 9.2 Turn Right onto W Coggins Dr
3.5 Rattle Snake and Horse Statue 9.3 Connector to Central Loop. Turn R on 103rd Ave to go to Sun City Cycling Central Loop Green Dan Henrys.
3.5 Turn Left onto N 111th Ave 9.4 Turn Left onto N 105th Ave
3.7 Turn Right onto W Mountain View Rd 9.4 Turn Right onto W Oakmont Dr
4.3 Turn Right onto N 107th Ave 9.9 Straight to cross 107th Ave. into parking lot.
4.6 Turn Leftt onto W Mission Ln  
5.4 Turn Left onto N Balboa Dr  
Enjoy the ride and be safe. Please obey all traffic laws, wear a helmet and ride on the correct (right side) of the streets.