Sun City Cycling Club
Central Loop Cuesheet
Central Loop: 10.1 miles staying north of Grand Avenue and South of Bell Road. Marked with Green Dan Henrys. Starts at the Sun City Bell Recreation Center from the south east parking lot on the corner of Hutton and 99th Avenue. Exit the parking lot at the east most exit and go west on Hutton Drive. This is a straightforward route to see Sun City.
Sun City Cycling - Central Route Green Dan Henrys Cue (instructions) sheet. Route starts at the east most exit of the Sun City Bell Recreation Center parking lot.
0.0 Go West on Hutton to start.      
0.1 Turn Right onto W Hutton Dr      
1.4 Continue onto N. Agua Fria Dr      
2.0 Turn Left to onto W Sunland Dr      
2.5 At the trafic circle, continue straight to stay on W Sunland Dr      
2.8 Turn Right onto N Del Webb Blvd      
3.0 Right turn into EPCOR parking lo to see the Xeriscape Garden, U-Turn, turn Right on Del Webb Blvd      
3.0 Turn Right onto Meade Dr      
3.6 Continue straight onto N Agua Fria Dr      
4.2 Turn Right onto Cameo Dr      
4.4 Turn Left to stay on W Cameo Dr      
5.3 Turn Right onto Bolivar Dr      
5.7 Connector to South Route. Go Right on 103rd Ave to go to Sun City Cycling - South Route      
6.3 Turn Left onto N 99th Dr      
6.6 Turn Right onto W Cameo Dr      
7.6 Turn Right onto W Greenway Rd      
7.9 Turn Left onto N Bowling Green Dr      
8.4 Turn Right onto N Meadow Park Dr      
9.1 Turn Right onto W Briarwood Cir N      
9.3 Connector to North Route. Go Right on Burns to connect to the Sun City Cycling North Route.      
9.7 Turn Right onto W Hutton Dr      
10.0 Turn Right into parking lot to finish      
Enjoy the ride and be safe. Please obey all traffic laws, wear a helmet and ride on the correct (right side) of the streets.