Sun City Cycling Club
December 2020 Newsletter Volume 6
COVID 19 Update: The virus is going crazy and spreading exponentially. Time for everyone to take extra precautions and do their part to bring this under control. Vaccination won’t be available for everyone for months, so we have to be diligent. For the time being Sun City Cycling Club will continue to conduct the regular Tuesday and Thursday rides (subject to change based on future developments) but urge everyone to respect their fellow riders and use appropriate safety measures. Please wear a mask at the group meeting at the ride start and at rest stops along the route. Please maintain 6 to 10 feet spacing while riding. Positively represent the bicycling community by wearing your mask whenever entering a public facility or place of business. Together we can do this.
Further developments will be communicated as they develop.
Important items in this issue:
  1. Annual Meeting update
  2. Jersey orders being taken
  3. First Thursday of the Month ride information
  4. Ride Leaders
  5. Membership
  6. Volunteers
1. Annual Meeting update. The first annual meeting will be conducted at 9:00 AM on Tuesday, December 29, 2020 immediately before the ride start. The following important items must be addressed and approved by a membership vote.
  a. Adoption and ratification of the SCCC Bylaws
  b. Adoption of the current SCCC policies
  c. Other business that needs to be addressed
Note: SCCC Bylaws and SCCC policies are available at the website or I can send you a copy if you want to email me.
Absentee ballot is attached and can be delivered to me via email, dropped off at ride or my mailbox.
Questions about the Annual Meeting please email me.
2. Jersey orders. Several have asked about jersey availability. We will take jersey orders between now and January 5, 2021. Sorry for the short time frame but if we order by the 5th we can get them first week of February, otherwise won’t receive until late March.
We need a minimum of 5 in each category. Cost will stay the same at $70 for a short sleeve and $80 for a long sleeve prepaid. Remember we need 5 orders in each category.
They have a new mask design, but the minimum is 25 and cost is still $20 each. I will put a line on the form and if we get enough, I will contact you for payment.
Sizing. Please contact current club member that has jersey and make sure you pick the correct size. I will try to have some size samples at the Tuesday and Thursday ride.
Order form attached.
3. First Thursday of the Month Rides: Exciting times coming up.
January 7, 2021
  When:  Thursday, January 7, 2021
  Time:  10:00 AM    
  Start:  Nosh Bagels 4855 Warner Rd Phoenix, AZ 85044
  Distance: Approx. 40 miles.
  Destinations:  No given destination. Just a loop ride.
  Pace:  D category ride (Avg. 12 to 14 mph)
  Requirements: Helmet. Gloves recommended.
  Information:  Contact Tom Fruciano  
We have an experienced guest ride leader from PMBC to introduce us to a new area in the south of Phoenix. Should be interesting and fun ride.
  Driving Directions:
Take I-10 south to the Warner Road exit #158. Go west on Warner road for ½ mile and turn left into shopping center. Look for the group. It is approximately 40 miles from Sun City.
February 4, 2021.
Apache Wash Trail Head, 1600 E Sonoran Desert Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85085
Brunch at the Oak’s Diner and FlatJacks in Cave Creek, AZ. Bring $ and a mask.
More details on the web site
March 4, 2021
Tucson. Details posted soon on the website.
4. Ride Leaders: As 2021 arrives, we hope things will get better and we can start to move back to normal. The Club has relied on just a few folks to lead the rides and we need to expand that training and expertise to include more SCCC members as leaders.
I am working on an online Ride Leaders Training Course and Manual to train new ride leaders and refresh current ride leaders in leading safe and enjoyable rides. Please watch for this to be available sometime late this month or early next year. Consider becoming a ride leader.
In the meantime, as preparation all riders and especially ride leaders should take one of the following online courses. 1. Savvy Cycling basic course; several options from free to a small fee requirement. 2. League of American Bicyclists Traffic Skills 101 course. Free. Below are the links and they can be found under the links on our website homepage.
Savvy Cycling website, League of American Bicyclists Bike ED website,
5. Membership: Remember membership dues were due on October 1, 2020.
6. Volunteers:
A. Sun City Cycling Club’s Sun City bicycle loops. Thanks to the following members who have stepped up and will be working to keep these routes marked and functioning.
  North (orange markings) Richard Coast  
  South (pink markings) James Oksol  
  Central (green markings) Glen Grant and Cathy Baimonte  
B. Need members who would like to represent the club as officers. Please contact Warren Smock, , to express interest. The Club will be appointing the first-time officers by the end of January.
That is all for now.