Sun City Cycling Club
2021 Newsletter Volume 5
May 24, 2021
Several items of interest and reminders.
Please remember when riding this summer to have plenty of water and never pass up an opportunity to top off your water bottle.
  A. Group Riding:
Group riding requires special skills in addition to those required when riding alone. Several good sources for information can be found by googling Group Bicycling Skills. Attached is a summary of group etiquette requirements, several of which we need to devote our attention to and point out to fellow riders if they are violating them.
  B. Pandemic:
Lots of restrictions have been removed in AZ but please continue to exercise proper safety procedures and protocols as we move forward. Seems the proper thing to remember is to respect everyone’s right to be safe.
Not everyone we ride with may be vaccinated so proper attention to safety precautions is advised. Respect fellow riders and the public as you encounter them.
You have all worked hard to establish a good reputation for SCCC within the community. Let us maintain that and please follow all business requirements as we encounter them on our rides. Mainly carry a mask and use it when the business has it posted.
A business has the right to require a mask and social distancing. If you do not want to respect their rights, then don’t use that business.
  C. Summer Start Times:  
Note: Please always check the Events page and the Ride Calendar on our website for updates. Changes in start times should show there.
  D. First Thursday and Special Rides:  
  June 3, Kent, Cave Creek / Carefree Sundial for details see Events Calendar.
  June 17, Flagstaff ride. For details see Events Calendar.
  July 1, TBD. For details see Events Calendar.
  August 5, TBD. For details see Events Calendar.
  E. 12 Hours of Sun City Challenge:  
  The 2021 version is being considered for Friday night July 30 through Saturday morning July 31, 2021 from 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM.
  Additional help will be needed this year with Directors for each of the following:
  Church Set-up tear down Coordinator
  Church SAG and Security
  Route Marking and Signage
  Food and Swag Donations
  F. Club officers and Board Members update:  
  I am glad to report we now have a full Board. Board meetings will be announced on our Facebook page.
  Board Members:
  Chairman   Warren Smock
  Assistant Chairman   Chuck Booth
  Secretary   Teresa Yandel
  Treasurer   Robert Richardson
Last active past Chairman. Open as there is none at this time.
  Committee Members:
  Other committees will be established as needed.
  Website Masters: Yoshi Sano and Phillip Schneider
  Sun City Cycling Route Managers:
  North (orange) Richard Coast  
  Center (green) Catherine Baimonte  
  South (pink) James Oksol  
  Nomination Committee Open (currently Warren Smock)
  Ride Leaders Chair To be announced
  Special Events Chair Open (currently Warren Smock)
  G. Additional Board Members:  
The Bylaws allow for up to four additional Board members for a total Board of 9 members. Anyone interested in becoming involved with the administration of the club please contact the Chairman for consideration to become a Board Member.
  H. 2020 Financial Statements and Information:  
The 2020 Financial Statements for the Sun City Cycling Club are attached as a separate document to this email for your information. These statements are for the full year as we basically functioned independently of PMBC even before our October 1, 2020 separation date from PMBC. Also included is a simple budget for 2021.
  I. SCCC Video  
  The video that was made several weeks ago is now available on our website located in the gallery. Worth the watch. We look rather good as a club.
Warren Smock